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Welcome to Sean Phillips Soccer!

Over the past twelve years, I have implemented a soccer camp program that has developed a reputation as a premier environment for players of all ages, levels and interest to develop their abilities as a soccer player and further their passion for this great game.

It is my belief that to enjoy the game and “get to their next level,” players need to be trained in all facets of the game, the most important being individual technique. Improved technical ability with the ball allows players to react faster to the constantly changing situations in the game of soccer resulting in better decisions and more success on an individual and team level. The day is designed to teach individual techniques, skill and tactics through creative and motivating activities that will increase a player’s passion for the game.

Our talented and experienced staff will continue to provide a great environment for the players who are just beginning to learn this great game or are preparing to play at the premier, varsity or collegiate level.

I would like to invite you to attend one of our programs and allow our staff to help you get to your next level!